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First let me tell you why you should hire me

So I may not be the coolest kid on the block, I mean whoever has heard of Ciitrus? Nobody. But that doesn’t matter that you aren’t hiring on brand recognition. Check to the right, you’ll notice a few examples of my work. If those aren’t cool enough for you, I highly advise hitting up the Gallery before you run off into the sunset.

Also if you were after a VR Chat avatar, head over to the store, you can order one there!

So, what’s the turnaround time? >> Within a Week guaranteed
Why are your prices so weird? >>
I’m Australian so I have to take into account currency conversion 😛
Why Should I Hire you? >> My works have a weird but unique style, they may not be as “Clean” as other artists but they stand out!
I Want Something Different! >> That’s cool with me, send me a message on any of my social media platforms, or even get weird with it and email me!

I’m open to any and all weird requests. I can’t draw robots, but I can draw NSFW as long as there are no kids or violence involved, I’m happy to draw someone getting ripped in half but not raped, please and thankyou.


(Full Colour, per character)

  • +$10 for a background
  • Only $6 for a sketch

(Just Linework, Per Char)

  • $12 for Bust $18 for Half $21 for full

(Clean Lines, per char price)

  • $18 for Bust $28 for Half
  • $35 for Fullbody

(Full colour, per char price)

  • $35 for Bust $45 for Half
  • $55 for Fullbody

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